Monday, 25 July 2016

Raviv Dozetas :Conclusion

The current housing crisis isn’t a new problem rather a sore that’s been festering for amany years and has now reached epic proportions, one magic solution is not going to cure the problem, rather a multi teared approach that involves multiple sectors of society together with a co-ordinated and supported government backed approach can permanently solve the problem for now, and provide the required housing annually.
However various problems will arise in the attempt to reach thesesolutions, and this beggars the question of - Is this a very carefully and skilfully engineered situation we find ourselves in? ,and for the greater national good,the powers that be are not concerned enough that the ownership gap remains, and perhaps by closing  the housing gap of the haves and have nots , may result in a faltering or weakening in its global economic standing.
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The logic behind this, is a glut of production and stock thus driving down housing, and land values, economy and Sterling value etc.
This brief study has shown that homes can be produced economically and quickly, to exacting standards, that last decades, and  that can be extended and moved if necessary, are environmentally friendly, serve as good security to lenders.
There’s an abundance of land, that’s available but seemingly being held back?, and drip fed carefully into the market. This needs to change, and a government led land for first timers scheme needs initiating. This new land supply must be combined with industrial producers of rental property and property for sale, and by looking at the three companies in this study it’s clear they can deliver when conditions are right,-so the government needs to encourage this further.
Additionally grass roots programs of self-build need more main stream promotion, perhaps one angle would be that the BBC should stop pushing property auction and refurb programs and perhaps introduce grass roots self-build programs instead on prime time television and internet, a new generation educated in delivering their own housing solutions, again in a coordinated effort combining the private sector and government led initiative.
The reason this question springs to mind is that the solutions to this problem seem so readily available, but as readily available as they are, a dangerous downward spiral of house values and stagnating growth could be triggered, possibly even leading to negative interest rates, and  a long term economic slump.
And this may even create bigger problems than the current home ownership crisis.It is true that the UK is not the only country suffering this housing shortage, and astronomical prices are a worldwidephenomenon, I assume the UK views itself against its neighbouring countries whom find themselves in the exact same set of circumstances, and therefore this is viewed not as a British problem but a problem shared by many countries worldwide.
But yes minister Brandan Lewis is correct a‘1000 000 new homes’ are a real achievable goal by 2020..("'Million' New Homes Aim Declared By Minister Brandon Lewis - BBC News")

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