Saturday, 23 July 2016

Raviv Dozetas :home produced by Rural Studio.

Japan: Muji:A Japanese company that produces a specially designed house over three floors, designed in response to requiring high quality, assemblyhome that can be assembled in the small confines of inner city small streets, consistent with Japanese inner city housing Muji offers comparatively the same space as traditional homes, but with all the advantages of factory quality build.
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MUJI housing offers open plan high quality housing, which is panel based in construction(Ward)
A further advancement in this regard is the UK government’s initiative through The Homes and Communities Agency's (HCA's) Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund which provides a £150 million fund for schemes of between 5 and 200 housing units. Funding will be made available to support the development of serviced plots to help the growing number of people who want to custom build their own home.(User)
The funding is available until 2020 and is aimed at shovel ready sites to assist with the purchase and finance of this form of housing One of many producers is Dwelle ,Manchester based the firm produces what seems like high quality sheds, but that’s as far as it goes, every aspect of the houses are high tec, and very high quality .The supply chain ensures  the component producers from the carpets to the cladding are themselves energy efficient ,low carbon manufacturers. The houses start as a basic one or two bed formats but can have pods added at any time to create up to large 5 bed family homes, as families grow, with specifications such as Boche kitchen appliances, or Homes are ordered online in a clear 10 step process, the entire production process is factory based, and ensures precision manufacturing, this has clear advantages amongstothers: Less production material waist, efficientuse of labour, reliable delivery and assembly times,
While the home is being produced the site can be prepared with foundations, services, waste waters etc. Homes in this fashion can be produced and assembled on site ready to move into within weeks.
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Dwells housing offers high quality,above two or three ‘pods’   can be linked together to create double or larger houses-this can be done anytime as families grow.

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